I hate all-nighters…



Raindrops are falling on my head~♪♫

I recently realized that I have been living in rainy places for my entire life.

I grew up in Seattle, a city in the US that is known for being one of the rainiest places in the country.

For the past 6 years or so I’ve been living in Singapore. Rain comes and goes as it pleases here (it has been raining for the past four hours) and of course, there is the monsoon season (which I was terrified of when I first moved here).

I like rain, despite the inconveniences it may cause, and now that I think of it, I can’t imagine living in a place where there is very little rainfall.

I love the sound of raindrops instead of silence, I love the smell that lingers after a drizzle/shower/downpour/fricking monsoon, I love walking in the rain without an umbrella,

I love I love I love.






我想我是愛上台灣的 文化,歷史,人,風景,語言,等等。台灣的FU~~

每次回台灣就開心得不得了。 我真的很奇怪吧?





又搬家了~~~m(_ _)m

I started off with Blogger, moved to Tumblr, and now I’m on WordPress. I’m pretty sick of moving around, so I think I’ll stay here 🙂

The problem with Tumblr was that it’s not as personal as I wanted it to be–I was too busy reblogging awesome stuff from other people. So I moved here to (and I apologize for sounding self-centered) have a little more ‘me-time’ ^-^

I still like Tumblr, and I’ll still be on it, but this will be my main blog, and the site I list on Youtube as my website :]