i think i’m going crazy..

Trying desperately to study for exams.

So not fun.

I want to drop out of highschool and magically get accepted into college.

Yeah. I’d like that.


聖誕節快樂!!Merry Christmas~~~

New vid as a present to everyone!! 🙂


the internet vs. luv

I’d love to be able to fall in love in a time without the internet, without all the technology these days that makes life a little too easy.

You wouldn’t be able to

text each other every five seconds

or MSN/skype

or send emails

or look up little details about each other through social networking sites


it’s too easy these days.

can we slow down and rewind a couple of decades?


thanks. xoxo

After going to the gym…

‘gym’ 中文怎麼說呢? > <