PEOPLE I’m spending Chinese New Year in Taiwan this year!!! And I’m going alone… as in without my parents (and my brother doesn’t want to come either). But I will be spending it with relatives. Lots of festivities. Oh yes. 🙂





5 exams lefttttttt

how has everyone been?







Today on the public bus back from school, I saw a guy who was standing near me and he look EXACTLY like a Singaporean Youtube singer (check out the channel he shares with his friends: I love their videos!!! I was like: “OMG. OMG.” but I didn’t say anything because I was worried it wasn’t actually him and I didn’t want to embarrass myself (for those who’ve seen my videos, y’all know I don’t like being embarrassed >///<).

dang it. maybe it really was him. D: or not?

sure, you guys prolly don’t care. 😛 just needed to get it out!

我今天放學後在公車上看到一個超像一個在Youtube上唱歌的新加坡人,Guohao (去看看他跟他的朋友的頻道!我一看到他就想:“天啊不會吧??!?!”,然後就沒有問他是不是Guohao。 怕認錯人。



I have a cool new vid idea, but it’s gonna take FOREVER to film. PLUS for the next 3 weeks I will be studying/taking exams. So until the week after that (WHICH IS HOLIDAY YESSSSSSSSS) I won’t be able to do anything…..


so until then peeps 😛


我有一個蠻有趣的影片idea。 可是會花很~~~~~長的時間!加上我這三個禮拜要複習和考試。 考完就放學(一個禮拜)。 那個時候才能拍影片。。。T^T


New year, new hair

I got complimented recently on the length of my hair, as I’ve been growing it out.

but heehee.

I got a lot chopped off today. It’s a tiny bit shorter than I wanted, but that always happens -___- so yeah. what to do. I kinda like the breeziness though 😛




我們一起往前衝衝衝~~~~~!!! 愛你們喔~♥☺