Hey everyone, so I’m still somewhat in exam-study mode, exams start next week and will go on for a little over three weeks. Recently I’ve gotten lots of requests to get a formspring, so haha I made one for those who might have any questions or comments for me 🙂

哈囉~~大家都還好嗎?所以我還在慢慢的複習,看書 (但我一點信心都沒有。。。)下個禮拜就開始考試囉!考三個禮拜左右在結束!最近有很多人建議我去弄一個formspring,所以,哈哈 我聽話了!如果你們有任何問題先問我或是先跟我說些什麼,就可以去我formspring上面寫喔!

See you guys in 3 weeks!!!!


Screw math.

[CLICK on the picture for non-math fun ♥]

:( :( :(

Hi you guys… whoever actually reads this 😛


so exams are coming up again, which means I won’t be making a video in a looooong time. For those who’ve been subscribed to me for  a while now, you are probably used to my many excuses and my rare videos every three weeks to a month haha … ha. so yeah ummmm until then!!! Please wish me luck 😦 😦 : (


哈囉大家最近還好嗎? 我不知道多少人會讀我這個可憐的部落格。。。T___T

我又要考試了,朋友們。真抱歉。所以呢,我會有一陣子不能做新的影片。已經訂閱我的頻道一陣子的人應該習慣我許多的藉口和少數的影片。 真對不起。。。祝我好運!

Back from a workout

累~ 洗完澡就必須做功課囉~




Offers are coming in one by one now… still waiting for more.

The future is lookin good…. 🙂


PEOPLE I’m spending Chinese New Year in Taiwan this year!!! And I’m going alone… as in without my parents (and my brother doesn’t want to come either). But I will be spending it with relatives. Lots of festivities. Oh yes. 🙂




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